Beauty and the Beast

We brought the kids to watch the show during the hols and we thoroughly enjoyed the movie! We went with some curiosity due to the the controversy about the gay scene in movie and indeed, that scene was so gay! It’s a happy scene actually.. not homosexual at all.. to me, it’s just Lefou expressing his admiration for his companion, Gaston.. 

Of course, I think there was a deliberate attempt of the director to be inclusive as you can see casts of different ‘colours’ and maybe sexuality towards the end.. these all help to convey the same theme of the classic story that we should not judge a person based on his looks.. neither should we judge anyone based on their sexual orientation, gender, race and nationality.. not only does the story teach us that, it’s also entertaining and fast paced although I find the ‘Be My Guest’ sequence a little over the top.. nonetheless, I would recommend the movie to everyone! Emma Watson is so beautiful as Belle although I think she is not very natural, like those actors you see in Mediacorp who are obviously acting.. you get what I mean? but of cos, she’s not as bad lah.. 😝 and I think she sings pretty well unlike what others feel.. 

anyway, there were some scenes that my girl felt were too scary and loud she had to cover her eyes and ears.. Two weeks after we watched the movie, the kids are still talking about the movie.. they even made signs to place on our doors and reminded us that we are not to enter their room, which is the West Wing.. 😅

The sign on our door..
The sign on their door..
My boy even said that when the last petal of the rose in his room falls, he’ll be transferred to another school (we threatened to do that if we receive anymore complaints about him from his teachers) I hope that will never happen…

Go watch the show if you haven’t!