Practice Papers

I’ve been asking my kids to complete past year papers from other schools and my son would always take a long time to complete his work..

I recently found out that he had tips to do his work slowly..



I remember that I started taking the public bus with my brother when I was in Primary Two. Now, I’m training my P3 son to take the public bus to his enrichment class. I took the first ride with him 2 weeks ago to guide him there. Although it’s only 2 bus stops away, I was concerned about whether he knew how to cross the road safely.

The following week, I only walked him to the bus stop and reminded him to alight at the second bus stop. I was a little concerned but was glad he was wearing his Doki watch so I could check on him. I tried to video call him but as the watch was on his wrist and he was walking while talking to me, all I could see was blur images of his forehead and the ceiling above him.. (*roll eyes*). After a while, I just told him to give me a call when he reached the enrichment centre. I didn’t want to call him in case he was already in class. Thankfully he sent a message telling me that he had reached the centre but he was a little confused. Haha.. Since he had safely reached the centre, I didn’t probe further.

Only when I picked him and checked with him about his confusion did I realise that he actually alighted at the wrong bus stop. It was my fault actually as I saw two boys carrying bags from the same enrichment centre and assumed that they were heading for the same destination and I actually suggested to my son that he could follow them. It turned out that they were actually going to a different centre that was one bus stop away.  Anyway, my boy was smart enough to walk back to the bus stop he was supposed to alight at and then make his way to the enrichment centre. I am actually quite proud of him as he didn’t cry or call me to ask for help.

Today, I let him walk to the bus stop himself but I told him to call me at the different checkpoints: outside the gate, at the bus stop and at the entrance of the enrichment centre. So far, so good. After his class, I also took the bus back with him to show him how to make his return trip..

Next week, I plan to let him go and come back on his own. I’m quite confident that he will do a good job! Of cos, I also have the Doki watch to thank!

Sleeping alone

We’ve moved over to the new place for a while even though Jovan’s bed was still not ready.. The loft bed took 2 days to be installed and we didn’t buy his mattress until the bed was done..

So meanwhile, he bunked in with his sister whose bed is big enough even if I bunked it too.. Haha..

It’s actually a double loft bed from Ikea..

Two days ago, Jovan’s mattress finally came and that night, 10 Aug, would be the first night the kids would sleeping alone in their own room.. Both seemed reluctant to go to bed, probably not used to not having someone to chat with before they slept..

I’ve never had my own room and I remember chatting with my siblings before we drifted off to dreamland almost every night, unless of course if we fought with one another.. When we were at their age, we sometimes would pretend we were camping and would quickly pretend to be sleeping when we heard our mum’s necklace (she would be nagging at us to sleep).

I hope my 2 darlings will remember these fond memories even when they’re my age.. For now, I’m glad to be able to give them the chance to have their own room, something I’d never have since I’m still sharing a room with their daddy.. Haha..

Although they both did not seem to be used to it, they still went to lalaland in no time.. They seem to be enjoying their privacy although they still try to annoy each other by entering the other room..

This morning, I was greeted by this when I was about to enter my boy’s room.. Haha..

Guess they really are enjoying their privacy although I always remind them not to close the door.. 😄

Wedding Lunch 

One of my nieces got married at Hotel Jen at Tanglin and the theme was colours of the ocean.. We tried to dress to the theme.. Jocelle picked her dress herself so I had to find something to match her..

My statue of liberty 🗽.. Haha

Beauty and the Beast

We brought the kids to watch the show during the hols and we thoroughly enjoyed the movie! We went with some curiosity due to the the controversy about the gay scene in movie and indeed, that scene was so gay! It’s a happy scene actually.. not homosexual at all.. to me, it’s just Lefou expressing his admiration for his companion, Gaston.. 

Of course, I think there was a deliberate attempt of the director to be inclusive as you can see casts of different ‘colours’ and maybe sexuality towards the end.. these all help to convey the same theme of the classic story that we should not judge a person based on his looks.. neither should we judge anyone based on their sexual orientation, gender, race and nationality.. not only does the story teach us that, it’s also entertaining and fast paced although I find the ‘Be My Guest’ sequence a little over the top.. nonetheless, I would recommend the movie to everyone! Emma Watson is so beautiful as Belle although I think she is not very natural, like those actors you see in Mediacorp who are obviously acting.. you get what I mean? but of cos, she’s not as bad lah.. 😝 and I think she sings pretty well unlike what others feel.. 

anyway, there were some scenes that my girl felt were too scary and loud she had to cover her eyes and ears.. Two weeks after we watched the movie, the kids are still talking about the movie.. they even made signs to place on our doors and reminded us that we are not to enter their room, which is the West Wing.. 😅

The sign on our door..
The sign on their door..
My boy even said that when the last petal of the rose in his room falls, he’ll be transferred to another school (we threatened to do that if we receive anymore complaints about him from his teachers) I hope that will never happen…

Go watch the show if you haven’t!

Birthday skirt

Jocelle was blessed with a handmade skirt sewn by my dear friend, Brenda, when we met up last week..

The little one loves the birthday gift very much and tried it on even before I washed it.. she loves the print and the fabric is of great quality.. till date she has worn the skirt twice and I’ve a feeling she’ll be wearing it very frequently!

I’m super impressed with my talented friend who had to work based on estimation since I only gave her a rough measurement of my girl’s waist… she’s gifted! Now I’m waiting for her to sew me a work dress with pockets!! 😉

Jocelle’s K2 Reunion 

I’ve seldom chatted with the parents of Jocelle’s classmates when she was in NurtureStars.. but when some parents started asking if we wanted to meet up with the teachers, I thought we should join in as she hasn’t met her bff since her graduation..

We decided to meet at Marche at Vivo since Jovan has enrichment at Harbourfront..

The kids had a great time even though there was only a slide to entertain them.. haha.. 

After dinner we took some group photos of the kids with their teachers.. it was not a bad way to end the short term break ya.. 😉

Central Perk SG

The term break is coming to an end so I’m not gonna be stuck at home on a Sunday before school reopens.. 

Even though they all preferred to nua at home, I dragged them out for lunch at Central Perk at Central Mall.. we reached there at about 2pm, expecting to see some crowd.. Central Mall was like a ghost town.. 

The restaurant was not crowded although the signature couch was occupied.. the kids were pulled to the big projector screen showing the classic sitcom and wanted to sit in front of the screen but we decided to sit somewhere cosier.. 

Picture by Jocelle

The food is expensive as expected.. Jovan wanted a lasagne which cost $24 but according to the staff, the serving is small so we decided against it.. hubby ordered 2 sandwiches and a coffee while I ordered a mac n cheese.. 

While eating, we were entertained by the sitcom.. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the antics of himbo Joey, pretty Rachel and adorable Phoebe.. the kids were pretty much glued to the sitcom throughout the meal too..

I thought we would order a dessert if these were not enough but we were all quite full after the food.. we didn’t leave immediately as we were having a good time watching Friends.. think we watched 4 episodes of the sitcom before we left at about 4pm.. 

The damage..

As we were leaving, we took the chance to take some photos on the couch..

We also explored a corner of the restaurant with props that can be seen from the set of the sitcom..

The parting shot