Bonding with the kiddos!

Didn’t have to work today so I planned to bake cookies and make slime with the kids.. the kids were very excited and woke up early in anticipation of the activities..

After breakfast, we started off with preparing the dough for the cookies.. got the recipe from a colleague but I halved the amount and reduced the sugar. It was an easy make and the cookies were baking in the oven in no time although the kids made a bit of mess..

While the cookies were baking, we started making the slime.. we experimented with glue, baking soda and contact lens solution but were not successful.. after I consulted a dear friend’s daughter, I found out why..

Apparently, the Complete solution I bought didn’t have sodium borate in it and this is the crucial ingredient that would activate the slime..

Before we went out for lunch, the cookies were done! We managed to get a decent bag of cookies of different sizes..

They actually tasted like Famous Amos cookies but I’ll probably add more chocolate chips next time.. 😋

I went to get another bottle of solution which contained sodium borate and when I got to Popular to get another bottle of glue, I found the recipe which I didn’t notice earlier..

g this recipe, we tried again and managed to make our own slime successfully! I even bought a bottle of shaving cream for my dear son to make his fluffy slime which didn't really look fluffy.. haha.. maybe I should add more shaving cream into the mixture..

ay, with 1 litre of glue, we can experiment again.. haha..

I added some glitter glue to another batch too..

s a tiring day but we had fun!!


Class Achievement Award

My dear girl did well enough to have a chance to go up on stage to receive an award and a certificate..

Super proud of her! She’s motivated to do even better next year and I hope her brother will be motivated to put in more effort in his studies too.. I hope she’ll continue to try her best in whatever she does, not just academically.. most importantly, she must develop into a person of good character and sound moral values.

Anniversary Dinner

Hubby will go out of the way to find nice vegetarian food for our anniversary and there’s no exception this year.. We went to Joie by dozo at Orchard Central this time and were pleasantly surprised by the pretty and yummy food..

I got a new toy which I actually wanted.. hee.. he knows me well..

I didn’t have time to buy him anything prior to this but had in mind that he would probably like a Samsung Gear watch so we went to the shop so he could choose the model he wanted..

Happy 13th anniversary!!

Sleepover Fun!

We invited Jocelle’s bff from her childcare to our place for a sleepover last night.. it’s been a long awaited play date but we only managed to arrange this after the exams..

We wanted ZN’s bro to join in but he was more interested in playing online games with his friends so Jovan had no masculine company.. haha..

They looked like they were ready to sleep but they actually had lots to chat about.. guess they had a lot to reminisce that they only went to bed past 1am after countless reminders..

They even woke up at 6am the next day! 😳

After breakfast, they played for a while before we went to the pool..

ZN couldn’t stay longer as they had made prior plans.. so we met up with the Yeos for lunch before the girls bade their goodbyes..

Hope the girls will keep in touch and maintain their friendship!

Cast off! 

Finally, the cast could be removed! We didn’t expect the bruises though..

Doctor says he can start walking but he’s still afraid of applying pressure on his foot so he’s still using his crutches.. so today, he’s back in school with his crutches.. we’ll see how long it takes for him to start walking without his crutches. I’m just glad the cast is off and I don’t have to wrap up his foot and shower him.. 😅

Put the cast on!

I was laughing when I saw him crying in the room.. He must be exaggerating! I thought.. after applying ice pack on his ankle, he was still complaining of pain.. we decided to bring him to the hospital for an x-ray.. went to Ng Teng Fong which was nearest to our place but was told to go to another hospital as they do not have a paediatrician.. We then went to NUH and waited for about an hour or so before he got his x-ray done.. Meanwhile, the tiger Mum in me got him to do some work.. 😈 Then, we had some buns and sandwich for lunch.. it was about 9plus before the results of the x-ray was out.. thankfully, it was not a fracture.. just a sprain.. but he has to put a cast on nonetheless.. and he was taught how to use the crutches… he’s still quite clumsy.. haha..

I took childcare leave the following day.. look at how he entertained himself while waiting for me to shower him.. 

​Fortunately, he didn’t have to go to school the next few days cos of PSLE marking.. I could give him lots of revision papers to do.. 😈😈


I remember that I started taking the public bus with my brother when I was in Primary Two. Now, I’m training my P3 son to take the public bus to his enrichment class. I took the first ride with him 2 weeks ago to guide him there. Although it’s only 2 bus stops away, I was concerned about whether he knew how to cross the road safely.

The following week, I only walked him to the bus stop and reminded him to alight at the second bus stop. I was a little concerned but was glad he was wearing his Doki watch so I could check on him. I tried to video call him but as the watch was on his wrist and he was walking while talking to me, all I could see was blur images of his forehead and the ceiling above him.. (*roll eyes*). After a while, I just told him to give me a call when he reached the enrichment centre. I didn’t want to call him in case he was already in class. Thankfully he sent a message telling me that he had reached the centre but he was a little confused. Haha.. Since he had safely reached the centre, I didn’t probe further.

Only when I picked him and checked with him about his confusion did I realise that he actually alighted at the wrong bus stop. It was my fault actually as I saw two boys carrying bags from the same enrichment centre and assumed that they were heading for the same destination and I actually suggested to my son that he could follow them. It turned out that they were actually going to a different centre that was one bus stop away.  Anyway, my boy was smart enough to walk back to the bus stop he was supposed to alight at and then make his way to the enrichment centre. I am actually quite proud of him as he didn’t cry or call me to ask for help.

Today, I let him walk to the bus stop himself but I told him to call me at the different checkpoints: outside the gate, at the bus stop and at the entrance of the enrichment centre. So far, so good. After his class, I also took the bus back with him to show him how to make his return trip..

Next week, I plan to let him go and come back on his own. I’m quite confident that he will do a good job! Of cos, I also have the Doki watch to thank!