Central Perk SG

The term break is coming to an end so I’m not gonna be stuck at home on a Sunday before school reopens.. 

Even though they all preferred to nua at home, I dragged them out for lunch at Central Perk at Central Mall.. we reached there at about 2pm, expecting to see some crowd.. Central Mall was like a ghost town.. 

The restaurant was not crowded although the signature couch was occupied.. the kids were pulled to the big projector screen showing the classic sitcom and wanted to sit in front of the screen but we decided to sit somewhere cosier.. 

Picture by Jocelle

The food is expensive as expected.. Jovan wanted a lasagne which cost $24 but according to the staff, the serving is small so we decided against it.. hubby ordered 2 sandwiches and a coffee while I ordered a mac n cheese.. 

While eating, we were entertained by the sitcom.. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the antics of himbo Joey, pretty Rachel and adorable Phoebe.. the kids were pretty much glued to the sitcom throughout the meal too..

I thought we would order a dessert if these were not enough but we were all quite full after the food.. we didn’t leave immediately as we were having a good time watching Friends.. think we watched 4 episodes of the sitcom before we left at about 4pm.. 

The damage..

As we were leaving, we took the chance to take some photos on the couch..

We also explored a corner of the restaurant with props that can be seen from the set of the sitcom..

The parting shot


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