New phone for son..

We were happy with his phone watch (Tracking my son) we bought some time ago but was not sure what to do once 2G phones are phased out..

We thought we’ll think about it when the time comes when my dear son dropped his watch and cracked its screen…

He hadn’t been wearing it since although he could still answer calls with it.. guess it’s embarrassing for him.. 

After a few weeks, we decided to shop for a simple phone for him and decided on this basic Alcatel phone without wifi.. it’s only $58 without any plan..

A week after we bought this, we received a flyer advertising it for $40… 🙄

Anyway, the boy is happy with the phone and we’re even happier cos he can’t play the games inside with his prepaid card as we’ve deactivated its data.. we just wanted a phone which we can use to contact him and not one he’ll be busy exploring with.. 


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